Drops and withdrawals

Drops and withdrawals can affect a student’s account balance. Students who make registration changes after the initial billing date should review their accounts for updates.

  • Drops: Charges are removed to indicate that the student never attended the class. Any financial aid already credited to the student’s account based on the original course registration will be removed and may create a balance due to VCU.
  • Withdrawals: Charges are assessed and adjusted according to VCU’s refund policy. Medical withdrawals are treated no differently than other withdrawals. Students who withdraw may owe a balance to the university.

Housing, dining and financial aid adjustments can also affect the student’s balance. For information regarding cancellations and adjustments to dining and housing charges, visit Residential Life and Housing and VCUDine.

Financial aid implications

Students who withdraw prior to completing 60% of the semester (as measured in calendar days) will have to pay all or a portion of the financial aid funds that were disbursed to their VCU student accounts. They may also be responsible for university charges that were previously paid by financial aid.

Military tuition assistance implications

Students who receive federal military tuition assistance and withdraw from VCU before completing 60 percent of the semester (as measured in calendar days) must have their eligibility for tuition assistance recalculated.

VCU refund policy

Refunds generated by withdrawals are calculated on a course-by-course, per-credit-hour basis, disregarding the full-time cap amounts for block students and discounted tuition for non-block students.

Charges are recalculated based on the number of remaining enrolled credit hours plus the nonrefundable percentage of the withdrawn courses. Students who withdraw from classes may not receive a reduction in charges. 

Refunds will be computed based on the actual withdrawal date certified by the Office of the University Registrar. Refunds will not be made to students who stop attending classes without completing the required withdrawal procedure. 

To request an exception to the VCU refund policy, submit the Refund/Waiver Appeal Form to Student Accounting. Exceptions are made only in rare instances; the decision rendered by the Refund/Waiver Appeals Committee represents the final administrative decision within the university for an exception to the VCU refund policy. Appeals must be submitted within three years from the semester in which the student is appealing.

Refund information by academic session