Determining eligibility

Financial aid eligibility is the difference between the contribution students and their families are expected to make toward tuition and VCU’s estimated yearly cost of attendance. Students with an expected family contribution less than the COA are eligible for need-based financial aid. If the EFC exceeds COA, the student is eligible for financial aid not based on need.

Scholarships may impact financial aid awards since the combination of all financial aid and scholarships cannot exceed a student’s need or COA. Students who have received scholarships not listed on their award letter or eServices Financial Aid page should provide this information to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible.

Additionally, when changes are made to a FAFSA application, we will conduct a secondary review of the student's financial aid package. If we are required to reduce aid because of these changes, we will adjust loans or work-study awards before reducing grants. 

While federal and state financial aid is need based, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress requirements to retain financial aid eligibility.

When there is more than one undergraduate-level child in college at the same time, family contribution is generally prorated among the college students. Parents attending college at the same time as their children are not included.

Factors impacting eligibility