Types of aid

Each year, more than $270 million in financial aid is disbursed to approximately 18,000 students at Virginia Commonwealth University. Aid is available through federal, state, university and private resources.

Students may qualify for the following types of aid:


Grants are need-based federal and state awards that do not require repayment.


Scholarships are awarded based on factors such as need, academic achievement, service and talent.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a need-based program that allows students to earn money for school through part-time employment.


Loans are borrowed to supplement personal and family resources and other forms of financial aid; they accrue interest and must be repaid.

AmeriCorps benefits

AmeriCorps benefits help students earn money for education through volunteer service with nonprofit groups.

Education abroad

Aid for education abroad is federal financial aid, scholarships and more that can be used to pay for study abroad programs.

Veterans benefits

Veterans benefits can be used by veterans and their qualified dependents who are eligible for education benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.