Federal and private loans are used to supplement personal and family resources, scholarships, grants and work-study. Loans accrue interest and must be repaid.

To be considered for any federal loan at Virginia Commonwealth University, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and have the results sent to the VCU Office of Financial Aid. Information provided on the FAFSA must be complete and accurate. Failure to resolve any problems with the processing of the application, or delays in resolving the problems, may preclude the student from being considered for these loans.

If a student uses loans to pay for university charges and then reduces expected credit hours during the drop period, any refund due from this reduction in charges may go to repay the loans. If a student withdraws from all classes or drops below half time, any refund may also go to repay the loans.

Loans are not automatically renewed. Borrowers must apply annually and continue to meet eligibility requirements, including satisfactory academic progress.

Repaying your loans

Federal direct loans — including subsidized, unsubsidized and PLUS loans — are owed to the federal government and must be repaid upon graduation or dropping below six credit hours per semester. Learn more about loan repayment.

Loan types